The “Other ” World

As I begin this blog, I think back to all the things I have observed n my life that appeared to not be “normal”.

As long as I can remember there have been instances when I saw or heard something that didn’t fit into the commonly accepted way things should be.

Many years ago I began a search into this field, trying to discover , not only the source of these “happenings”, but  also the reason why.

That search has , to date led me to four continents, and many unusual  and interesting events.

I will be relaying these events and some of the conclusions I have drawn from them. I might add these are my conclusions, and only mine. We each observe events from a different perspective, your perspective may be different than mine, or it may in some way coincide or agree with it.

I welcome any comments or feedback you might want to offer.

I feel as if “they” are trying to contact us for a reason, or several reasons, depending on the entities, or where they are coming from.

For the most part , I feel that their intentions are noble , and they are not only trying to help us, bus also to learn from our experiences and knowledge.

Probably one of the highlights of my journey was a Modern Day Walkabout , where I spent a month living and studying with the Australian Aborigine, it turned out to be  very educational and  some of the “events” were at the time , very mind boggling.

Come back often, post your own comments or lead me to other blogs and websites that you think I might find interesting.


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