The Ring

We all have unexplained events our life, one of the most interesting events
that have occurred to me is the saga of the ring. I made contact with and
went to see a physic who had worked with Shirley Maclaine. I had been
considering going to Australia and was uncertain as to whether it was
something I should do.

During the reading it was discussed that when I got to Ayres Rock, which
neither of us knew existed, I would find a pit at the top big enough for a
human with three 3 ft. circles on one side of it.
It was also disclosed that I needed a basket containing earth products, and a
Tiger Eye Ring that should only be worn on days or months with a five in
them because I was moving from a five vibration to a seven and I needed
the ring on the five days for protection.
This was on a Wednesday night, on Friday evening, while sitting in my
living room; I noticed a basket of stones and arrowheads sitting on my
The basket came from grandpa, when he moved out of his apartment; I had
put it in the back of my truck, and instructed the kids to give it to my brother
Paul. When I got home the basket had been left in the truck, so I put it on
the bookcase.
I took the basket containing earth things down and spread the arrowheads
out on the floor in no particular fashion, and went to bed.
The next day I had planned on going to Cincinnati to find the ring, after
having breakfast Sat. morning, I sat down in my chair and fell asleep. While
sleeping, I dreamt of a pawnshop in Louisville and the Tiger Eye ring.
When I woke up, I looked at the arrowheads and they were pointed towards
Louisville. I didn’t think much of the idea of going to Louisville and started
for Cincinnati, I drove about a mile from home, it just didn’t feel right, so I
turned around and drove to Louisville.
I just followed my nose and wound up in downtown Louisville, driving
around a corner, there was the pawnshop I saw in my dream. I went inside
and there was the Tiger Eye ring, I bought it and started home. I put the ring
on my little finger, left hand, whereby my finger started to sweat, while the
rest of my hand stayed cool.
I went back to the psychic the next week and found that the ring had been
owned by a fundamentalist minister who had pawned it when he ran into
financial trouble.
I really liked the ring and wanted to wear it every day, but on days that were
not five days, it would fall off my finger. I couldn’t wait for May, because it
was a five month.
I wore the ring in Australia on the 5 days, when the trip was nearly over,
and I was flying to Sidney, while walking thru the airport in Cairnes, I put
the ring in my passport wallet and folded the wallet over. When I boarded
the plane and sat down, I checked for the ring and it was gone! I checked
every where on the plane , the ring had disappeared. The wallet had not
been out of my pocket and there is no way it could have fallen out.
My time with the ring had passed, I had moved to a time when I no longer
needed it, however it had happened, the ring had found a new owner.

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