Bell Rock Sedona, Arizona

Bell Rock, Sedona Arizona
A few days after Christmas of 1987, I began contemplating what to do
during a week I had scheduled for vacation the middle of
February. No sooner than I began to think about it, I
received a phone call from my aunt in Arizona. It was
unusual that she would call and during the conversation I
was asked when I would be coming to see her.
Without even thinking, I answered, “In February.”
It was a cold and windy day as I entered Cincinnati Airport,
anxious to bask in the warm sunshine of Arizona. I had no
idea of the changes in my life the next several days would
As I landed in Phoenix, I scurried to pick up my rental car
from Budget Car Rental and hurriedly left the airport.
Driving towards Sun City on I-17 , I began to realize how
warm it was, so I rolled down a window, that didn’t really
help much,so I put down the other window, it was then I
realized how hot it seemed to me, so I put the windows up
and turned on the air conditioning! WOW, this ain’t too bad
a deal!!
The next day ,we decided to do some sight seeing, and headed
for Sedona, a town that I had never heard of, but reportedly
was very beautiful and scenic, as it turned out that was a
gross understatement!
As we made the trek up I-17, I began to notice cars with
skis on top of the roof, as warm as it was, it was hard to
imagine that snow skiing was possible a scant 75 miles away!
Busy as we were talking, we completely missed the turn off
to Cottonwood which would have enabled us to take advantage
of the best view of Sedona by entering from the west.
Realizing that everything happens for a reason, I wasn’t to
concerned. I would soon discover the reason for us coming
the way we did.
As Bell Rock came into view, extreme hunger overcame me,
this was an extremely peculiar circumstance as my aunt had
prepared a rather large breakfast immediately prior to
leaving Phoenix.
My aunt, being the good aunt she was had brought some
apples, peanuts, and ice tea on the trip. I pulled along
side of the road and ate everything we had.
Still feeling very faint,hungary and light headed, I started
driving past Bell Rock, wanting to take some photographs I
pulled off the road and began walking back towards the rock
to get a better angle.
Looking up at the top of the bell, I “saw”large firey sparks
coming from the top, taking a few photos, I walked back to
the car.
Having never lost sight of the car, I was perplexed as to
why my aunt was concerned because she had lost sight of me.
Continuing our journey we soon reached Sedona, as it was now
nearly noon, we both were hungry so we stopped at the most
popular restaurant in town, The Coffee Pot in West Sedona.
This is a restaurant that serves full plate lunches, I was
still extremely hungry and consumed my dinner and half of my
aunts.I think she was beginning to wonder if I had ever
eaten when I was home.
Feeling a little better I decided to drive back to Bell Rock
and see what that was all about. As I entered the area,the
same feelings began to return, so I turned around and exited
the area and drove to Cottonwood, and back to Phoenix.
As soon as I left the area I began to feel normal again.
Returning to Phoenix I began to do research on Sedona, the
only information that I could find while in Arizona was that
the Indians considered it to be a sacred land.
I knew I would return to unlock the mystery.

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