Roswell, The Truth is Starting to Surface

After all these years and all the secrecy surrounding the UFO events that have continued to happen around the world,people are starting to believe that “something” is going on.

The interview Edgar Mitchell gave earlierĀ  exemplifies that fact, in the interview astronaut Mitchel gave his views on why it has been kept secret all these years.

His statements coincide with the reasons I have been giving all along. All these sightings began happening right after World War 2, we were in the height of the cold war, the whole world was nervous about what weapons the Soviets might have, and also what technology they might have gained from the Germans.

Also, the human ego has a problem dealing with the fact there might be another intelligence somewhere that could be equal or superior to our own intellect.

Our government didn’t know what to do with an alien spacecraft or how the public would react to what could be interrupted as some sort of invasion, about which we as a civilization were powerless. The easiest thing to do was to lie about it or cover it up, act like it never happened, and make the people who talked about it seem to be total unreliable.
Add that to the fact , we wanted the Soviets to think that maybe the technology was ours.

A committee named Majic 12 was formed by President Truman to deal with the matter and to do whatever was necessary to lay the entire subject to rest. This committee was so secret that even the president of the United States couldn’t gain access to their information.


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Finally enough people are starting to talk, and with all the other news sources out there besides the “main StreamĀ  media”, the word is finally getting out.
Science is continually making new discoveries, finding new planets, and enough people have questioned common belief about religion, science, etc, that the long held thoughts and beliefs are starting to crumble.


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