Have You Ever Had A UFO Encounter

Have you ever had a UFO encounter?
That is something many people often ponder, but discard it as soon  as the thought enters their mind.

Most people either think it is too absurd or they don’t want to spendthe time and energy researching to see if there is some validity totheir thoughts. Often times their assumption of what others might thinkof them should an encounter become known, or even their ownmisconceptions of reality keeps one from researching further.

Many times it takes a series of encountersover several years before one realizes that the situation isn’t goingaway and regardless of the outcome , further investigation becomesnecessary.

These instances normally begin in childhood and continue  into ouradult lives. Normally one begins to realize that “something” happenedduring life changing events in our lives when we start to question the”meaning ” of life , or why so-called negative situations are happeningto us, such as divorce or a loss of a loved one, or financial ruin.

One of the more common events is meeting someone or doing somethingthat has a profound effect on our life in ways that we can’t explain.This will often remind us of previous experiences that were just asdramatic, and will start bringing into play other souls and why theyare with us.

The encounters are often buried in the mind because the ego has areally hard time comprehending something equal or greater than itself,therefore the memory can only be jogged by hypnosis or some other formof recall.

My own theory is that we have all had encounters with “other worlds”. I believe it is a natural occurrence, and our encounters  are createdby us to help one through certain difficult situations or to expand ourawareness of other dimensions of life.

Sirius Satellite Radio Inc.Ifeel these different dimensions of existence are like tuning a radio,on a radio, every time the dial is moved a new station comes on , withthe human consciousness, every time we shift our thinking, a newdimension enters our reality. The realities are always there, it is upto us to determine which one we need to focus on.

We all have a  certain “blue print” that provides us with a rough guideas to what we should do with our life. At certain points in life,changes in our path need to be made. As Yogi Berra once said, “When youcome to a fork in the road, you gotta take it”.

It is at these times we need guidance from other souls, either worldlyor unworldly to guide us through the rough spots, and get us back onthe “path”. We soon discover that one life experience leads to another,one which would not have been possible without having experienced theprevious one, one that  gave us the knowledge and understanding to goon to our next mission in life.

This guidance can come in many forms, from a word spoken by anassociate, even though the associate is unaware he said anythingsignificant or it would have any impact upon anything. There arevarious other ways we can receive enlightenment, including  an actualencounter with some spirit or alien life form. All of which leads from one event to another until the final outcome is finally determined.

Due to the fact the United States just launched a space probe toexplore the possibility of life on other planets,it would be hard inthis day and age to not believe that life exists on some other planetor dimension. With the billions of star systems in our universe, itwould be hard to imagine that we wouldn’t have  cousins out there somewhere.
There are probably many, some would be more advanced than us , and some would probably be more primitive.

Taking all of this into account, one has to believe that contact with life formsfrom other planetary systems is not only possible but highly likely. Weare trying to make contact, wouldn’t they be doing the same? To thinkotherwise, one would have to be two fries short of a Happy Meal.

We can only guess as to what events will take place in the next several years, it will certainly be interesting!

In my mind,the question isn’t if you’ve had contact, but with who and why!

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