Sedona , Red Rock Country

Sedona, Arizona is a city of about 15,000 people

                                               Sedona, Red Rock Country

Located in the middle of Red Rock country, about 40 miles south ofFlagstaff and 120 miles north of Phoenix, Sedona is very small townish. With no industry, the economy is supported by tourism, the newage and art community.

The town has a rich past as many of the old western movies of the 50sand 60s were shot in the area.

After visiting for a while onegets the impression that everyone in the area is either an artist orinvolved in metaphysics in some way, shape, or form.

Today, the main draw is probably the new age community which gathers here because of the vortices in the area. There arefour major vortices in the area, Bell Rock, Airport Mesa, CourthouseButte, and Boynton Canyon.

Many people who visit here find themselves encountering life changing events and leave the areatransformed into someone totally different than who they were when they arrived.

The Bermuda Triangle and Sussex County England.) The areas are not positiveand negative in a good or bad sense, but as in a battery. There is nogood or bad, that is only in the human mind.

Legend states thatSedona sits over an old Lemurian crystal city and the crystals arestill buried under ground. As a result of this many people  sense some magneticforce coming from beneath the earth. Some think that because of this magnetic and/ or electro-magneticinfluence, Sedona has become a major UFO landing site, many of whichoccur in the Bell Rock and Boynton Canyon area.

As a result of Sedona’sancientpast ,many,many, old souls live there, sort of a final resting place for workwell done. They came from all civilizations, Egypt,Lemuria, the MiddleEast, Indians, both American as well as Asian, and people of all agesand times.

Legendstates that the Indians living in the area came from a land to the westthat sank as the natives escaped to the red rock country. Legends state that Lemuria ,being a large continent, was destroyed in four different stages, the third ofwhich was 80,000 years ago and the final cataclysm took place about12,000 years ago.

 A time which roughly corresponds with many legends from allover the world as the time of a great flood and mass migration of manypeoples, our own bible even speaks of a great flood, this time 12,000 years ago  alsocorresponds within the same time frame  as the sinking of Atlantis.

Manybooks and articles have been written about Sedona and the powers thatlurk. To learn more  about the mysteries of Sedona, some of the bestbooks are written by Dick Stuphen and Tom Dongo.

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