Does a Photographic Image catch the Soul of a Person

Here is an interesting study for paranormal research, is the soul
of a person caught within a photographic image?

In the days before photographs were stored on multimedia digital gizmos and the word digital sounded like a word uttered by my mathematics teacher, there was a time when we held processed printed images on photographic paper. I wonder if you can lay your hands on some, especially the ones with subjects staring back at you and would not really be known to you. It
would also be valuable if somebody could verify information you might come up with, especially if you had no prior knowledge of the subject.

Within certain cultures there was a belief a photograph could capture the soul of the subject. Well in this exercise let us try something of a paranormal study and see what happens. You need some photographs of people or person now deceased, to see if a link can be made to spirit.

If you have a selection of photographs, not photocopies or the like, they need to be preferably the original taken from the negative. Take a look at the selection of photographs if you have a number of them and pick out the ones that stand out. An image might stand out for a particular reason, something catches your eye while you scan over the photograph,
you may feel something while you are looking at the image, you may even be aware that there is something in the image, a presence that in your mind should be imprinted upon the image but yet takes no tangible form.
Spend no more than 30 seconds picking the photographs you want to work with.

Put the pictures to one side while you prepare yourself a little more with around 5 to 10 minutes meditation. Take this time to
relax your self before beginning to work on the photographs.

To meditate, sit yourself down uncross legs and arms, rest your arms by your side or on your lap. Close your eyes and take in a deep breath and then release it slowly. Try again and concentrate the mind to focus on the in breath drawn through the nose and then the out breath through the mouth. Keep your mind on your breathing and not allowing it to wander and think of those issues which prove distracting. Allow yourself time to learn how to meditate and relax. You will come to a point of
recognising a state when you feel relaxed and ready to begin.

Return to your selected pictures , pick one to look at, you may look upon it for however long you need. At this point make a note of any changes you see appearing. Be aware of any images that come into your mind. If you receive visualizations of scenes, places, names or anything worthy of note then record such detail.

It makes for an interesting study, especially if you are reading from photographs that you have never seen or have no knowledge about the people within them. It makes an even more interesting study when you are somehow able to describe information that proves correct and proves precise in its detail rather than making general and universal statements. Of course you are not always going to be right and not always going to get information. But do practice and
persevere you may really surprise yourself. Do learn to meditate in order to relax so you are raising your awareness and being open to the strange and mysterious areas of life and above all, enjoy the experience. Until the next time I leave you with this snapshot of a paranormal study.

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