A New Age of Enlightenment

we enter this new age of mankind, there is much discussion concerning
the end of an era. Many relate it to the earth coming to an end, however
this is not the case. Throughout history there have been countless
groups and individuals contemplating the end of civilization, they have
always been wrong, the earth is still here, humans are still here and
both will be for quite some time.

is happening with the coming age is a shift in consciousness. This is
what is foretold in the ancient Mayan legends, this is why their
calendar, as well as the Cherokee, Hindu and other calendars as well are
ending and  beginning a new cycle.

have been many prophesies before the 2012 Mayan calendar became known
and published. Even in my own life, some how I knew as a child  these
would be trying and changing times. Because of the evolved learning of
many on the planet and a desire  to know more, the earth is entering a
time of increased Christ Consciousness whereby humans are beginning to
understand their connection to their God Source.

out the ages, souls have been searching for the ultimate reunion with
their counter part,or twin flame, the part they were separated from
during creation. this has lead to much confusion and feelings of
separation , many have resorted to infidelity as a result of not being
with the one they long for.

shift in consciousness is a natural happening and a part of the grand design. It is now our choice of which way we want to go. We can either
seek the path of enlightenment or sink into old habits of self

one has the choice to relearn the tried and true values of the ancients
or succumb to values of destruction and  mayhem taught by modern day
charlatans. This by no way means we need to return to the days of living
in a shack or tent. We now enjoy many modern luxuries of life, these
are not to be given up, mankind has worked long and hard for this life
style, and we deserve it.

needs to be done now is to merge our modern day knowledge of technology
with the ancients understanding of the spiritual laws of nature and
nature’s God, to create a life unparalleled in history. As we advance in
our knowledge and souls begin uniting with their twin flames, it will
bring forth a Christ Consciousness that will elevate willing souls to a
new heaven on earth, the Seventh Golden Age.

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