2012: Time to Change

time has come, the long awaited for journey is about to begin. The time
foretold in the Maya prophesies and other ancient cultures is up on us.
We now have a choice to break free of the bondage of  old worn out
beliefs and adapt to a new way of life and thinking.

the Maya Calendar ends and a new cycle begins , the universe starts  a
new  cycle of heightened understanding of God’s Laws. The previous past
few years have only been a lesson in learning what comes about when the
laws of nature are abandoned. To me, God’s Laws and the Laws of Nature
are the same. They are unchangeable and constant, just as truth is

patterns and beliefs can and should be altered and changed according to
our continuous evolving and understanding, however  certain values are
written in stone and can never change, they are the very fabric of

are the laws of cause and effect, what you sow , so shall you reap. The
laws of nature and of physics says that if certain events are put into
motion, such as throwing a ball, certain events will transpire, the ball
will land where it is thrown. This cannot be changed.

important, when certain thoughts are entertained in the mind, and these
thoughts are continuously nurtured, sooner or later the events will
come to pass. This is why it is so important to only think positive and
entertain the thoughts we wish to come about as reality. As a man
thinketh, so shall he grow.

who continuously experience negativity in life are continuously
dwelling on their situation in life, the only way to break free of this
is to begin to think about creating a more positive life. Sooner or
later it will begin to happen , but only after your subconscious mind,
or Christ Consciousness believes it is right and just,then  it will

time unfolds , this will become easier for many more souls, already it
has become common knowledge, in many circles people are starting to
comprehend they have a choice, they really do create their life, people
are beginning to realize that God isn’t to be feared. He only wants for
us what we want. It is up to us individually to decide what course to
chart. Once  we  chart a course, God will do everything in his power to
make it happen, subject to our own time constraints.

with this comes responsibility, we as an individuals are responsible to
chart a course that is for the highest good of all concerned, any other
destination will only lead to heart ache and disappointment.

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