2012: Progression of the Soul

the current shift in consciousness that began a few years ago and will
culminate on December 21,2012,this time  in space presents a huge opportunity for the progression of the soul. The soul is always
progressing and evolving, but in this current time , there is an
opportunity for progression to speed up tremendously in order to be able
to enter the new age of enlightenment.

as individual souls have been progressing and speeding towards this
period in time for eons. Ever since creation when our soul split into
two individual and complete beings, we have been awaiting this day when
we can once again re-join our counter parts.

separation , created for our own growth and which enabled us to realize
how important relationships on earth really are, has caused much
despair, and heartache as well. This is all well and good, as the most
important lessons in life have been learned from negative experiences.

this is changing, with the coming of the new age of enlightenment and
the expansion of the Christ Consciousness because of the twin flame
factor, in the future more learning experiences will be of a more
positive nature. It’s about time!

fact, December 21, 2012 will not end the shift in consciousness that
began several years ago, it will only enter a new phase. Henceforth it
will be much easier to evolve spiritually and emotionally, many of the
old barriers of separation will be torn down , our consciousness has
advanced to the point that we realize we are the only ones who are
impeding our growth, thus the realization there was no barrier in the
first place, except our own self limiting perceptions.

frontiers will be opened to us, much as new frontiers were opened in
the development of our country, as old lands were settled and
populated,new frontiers were explored and settled, so will new frontiers
of the mind be settled and cultivated. America was and is still rich in
natural resources, so is our mind rich and uncultivated in it’s
resources and capabilities.

is much to be discovered when it comes to the capabilities of our human
consciousness and it’s connection to the God Source, or the All That
Is. Our future is both positive and exciting as new possibilities are
reached and new frontiers explored and developed for the betterment of

can hardly wait to see what the future holds and the advancements that
are made in people reaching their full potential and reuniting with the
God Source.

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