The Meaning of Life

traveled to various sacred sites all over the world, talked to Aboriginal elders, Maya Shamans, Native American shamans,psychics,
hypnotists,  and sometimes I don’t think I know any more about the
meaning of life than any one else.

 It seems as though it doesn’t  matter
how much we know, or the visions we get, no one really knows what is
going to happen next. One may know something is going to happen sooner
or later, but we normally don’t know when or all of the details of the

Life never ends.

times the final outcome is far different than we imagine or could even dream about. I have found many times , the final outcome, if left to the
wishes of our Higher Self is far better than we could ever assume.

as human beings normally have a pretty narrow and limited vision of the
possibilities of the soul. When a thought comes to us, we normally try
to rationalize and put the outcome in our own limited perspective. This
is not the way we should approach the matter.

has to realize the possibilities are limitless and our higher self ,
because it is our connection to Divine Being, knows what we really want
and desire. Left to it’s own design it will provide the best possible
outcome for us.

is part of us and as such knows our heart’s desires. As possibilities
come to us , we have the free will to accept or decline to opportunity.
Thus, it isn’t always to our advantage to take the first reality offered
us. It can sometimes take a little while for what we really want to
come about, but it always does, and it is well worth the wait.

we realize what we think the final outcome should be, it may take
sometime for the universe to rearrange itself to suit our wishes.
Sometimes the people we want in our lives have to “clear” their
calendars in order to materialize for us.

we take on a new project in life, doesn’t it take some time for us to
rearrange our schedule to be able to fit the new endeavor into our
lives?  It’s the same in the spirit world. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

times , while we are waiting for our new life, a different perspective
will come to us , and we need to adjust our “wish list” a little.
Sometimes a new possibility enters the equation that we had never
thought of or deemed possible.

times it could take years to realize our dream , in that case it just
means we and others in our future have unfinished business to take care
of. The important thing to remember is to just hang on enjoy the ride
and savor every minute. Your future is waiting.

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