The Higher Self and the Light Body

There is a lot more to the make up our bodies than most people think or can even
imagine. Most of us only think in terms of a physical body when thinking
of our physical life here on earth.

There is so much more to our makeup than that. We all have a higher self and/ or
light body that surrounds us and in many cases guides us through life.
Our higher self is actually the part of our subconscious that connects
with the God Force, our Christ Consciousness if you would.

It is the consciousness we connect with when we pray or meditate. In my
opinion, those two words are interchangeable and basically mean the same
thing, either way we are seeking a connection with God or our higher
self. In one sense ,meditation opens our channels to Source wider, so
our prayers are more easily communicated to God.

There has actually been research undertaken by U.C.L.A. that proves we have
something called a light body, an energy more powerful and more knowing
than our physical bodies. By using an electromyograph Valerie Hunt
discovered by accident  an electrical energy force outside the body.

Her team was using an electromyograph to measure electromagnetic energy
within muscle and tissue when they discovered quite by accident, prior
to attaching probes to the body and the muscle, that they were picking
up electrical energy outside the body. They discovered that the whole
body has energy surrounding it and that this energy is more powerful
than the body itself.

They discovered the energy would vary, depending on what the person was
thinking. They soon discovered that as a person’s focus went from things
of a material nature to a more spiritual nature, the brain wave activity

Psychics, mediums and mystics had a higher level of brain wave activity than the
average person, and as the activity increased even further, illness was
eliminated. Illness cannot survive at these higher vibrational rates. As
we learn to function at a higher frequency, we learn to create our own
reality and control our destiny,that is how miracles happen.

You also have what is referred to as a higher self, or Christ Consciousness. Everyone does. It is a presence that is never separate from you in any situation and you are never disconnected from that source at any time. You think you may be, but you never are and you never have been. It is only because of your degree of awareness that you may seem seperate and alone.

Miracles happen within us, nothing happens outside our bodies, we create everything in our reality. By maintaining a connection to our higher self , we enable the possibilites of miracles to occur.

The key is to believe , as soon as you begin living from this higher consciousness, and believing your prayers will come true, your life will change, you will consciously create your environment, including being disease free.

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At this period of time in the history of man, there is probably more individual searching being done into the theories behind the origin of the human race,what happens after death,the possibility of life on other planets, and what our relationship is to these life forms, if they do exist. There are millions of people who are questioning the existence of God, who he really is, and what is my relationship with him? Is he someone who mysteriously floats around on a cloud watching and judging us from above like some bigger than life Santa Claus, or is he, like many of the esoteric sciences claim, a part of our inner Self, whom we have constant contact with, someone whom we and everything in the universe are connected and are thus one? Each of us in our own way is experiencing what God is, and thus we are each a part of God, thus we are God! This book is a brief account of my search for my own truth.

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