Live in Fear , and Block your Blessings

“Why do we keep living in fear and blocking our blessings?”

People continuously are trying to find a way to be successful and happy, they are always chasing the rainbow of happiness, going from bookstore to bookstore and seminar to seminar chasing the elusive dream.

They keep looking outside themselves to find happiness, when in fact the answer lies inside them. As always, when one needs to find the answer, look inward. 

God is within. The reason people don’t find the blessings and good life they seek is because they don’t think they deserve them. People are continuously thinking about what they don’t want.

Ask anyone what they want and you will get an answer with a list of their fears and things they don’t want. We get what we hand out, if we continuously hand out negative thoughts we will get negativity back.

Except for the occasional blessing that can sneak in under the radar when our guard is down, negativity will continue to flow to us like a rushing mountain stream. 

The only way to break this cycle is to begin to love our life, our selves and everyone around us. Then and only then will the good times roll.

Not every experience from then on will be something we would hope for, but by thinking positive, one is able to turn a so called negative experience into something positive. It is all about making lemonade from lemons.

Fear is only the absence of faith, begin to have faith in life and your God and fear will retreat.

As is the case most often in life, we try to over complicate things.It’s really simple, love yourself and expect good things to happen and they will.

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