Hurricane Isaac; A Prophet?

An interesting set of circumstances occurred before and during The Republican National Convention. The convention was scheduled to take place in Tampa Florida during the height of the hurricane season. This in itself took a lot of faith , not only on the part of the republicans , but the city of Tampa as well. A lot was riding on the successful outcome of the convention.

The republicans needed everything to go as smoothly as possible to enable their candidates to put forth the best image possible for the upcoming election, and the Tampa Bay area wanted to showcase the area to enable them to draw as many tourists as possible  to boost the local economy.

A hurricane would have a negative and devastating effect on both endeavors. It was a huge gamble.

The most important election the United States has ever had  hangs in the balance. There is little doubt, the future of not only the U.S., but the entire free world will be forever changed as a result of the upcoming election.

We have reached a critical time in the history of the world. In the next couple of months we will decide if freedom will continue or if the world’s people will slip back into serfdom and be dominated by big government, thus destroying many of the freedoms and privileges we have today.

Even considering that the end of August is the the peak of hurricane season, what are the chances of a major hurricane striking the Tampa area on the exact day the RNC convention is scheduled to start? Not only was it supposed to hit Tampa, but it’s path took it through the center of Florida, the destruction could have been massive.

As time wore on ,the gamble paid off, the path changed and Tampa was spared. It’s new target was New Orleans, Louisiana .  It’s arrival slated exactly seven years to the day after Katrina hit New Orleans, one of the most destructive hurricanes to ever strike the continental United States.

During it’s sojourn through Florida, the area most affected was Miami-Dade and Palm Bach Counties,an area of extreme liberal policies, leaving several inches of rain in it’s wake,and resulting in massive flooding and power outages.

As it approached New Orleans, luckily the hurricane only reached category one status, making it a relatively weak storm, nothing like Katrina. However as it entered Louisiana, it slowed and hung in the area for hours, as a result, as much as 36 inches of rain fell over the New Orleans area. Again much flooding resulted.

Being one who doesn’t believe in coincidences, I began to wonder what this all meant. As a result I began to look at where it did and didn’t do most of the damage.

Taking into account the vast differences between the two political philosophies in America today, and the timing of the hurricane, there had to be a connection. There are no accidents in life and everything happens for a reason.

I had just finished reading the Harbinger, a book that describes why certain events are happening today as a result of our falling from grace due to many no longer having a strong  belief in God, things started to fall into place.

I’m not saying liberals are bad people and need to be destroyed and all conservatives are saintly , quite the contrary. There are good and bad apples on both side of the fence.

It’s the philosophy that is to blame. Many people no longer know what is true and what works to make life successful, relying on false teachings and philosophies. Many liberals and conservatives of today are not the liberals and conservatives of days gone by. No wonder their lives are so messed up.

There are certain laws of nature , or God’s Laws which must be followed and obeyed if one is to have a successful and productive life. Such laws as eating healthy and obeying the law of gravity are just as important to obey as laws of morality and fair play.

The number seven has special spiritual connotations in the spiritual world and the fact that this hurricane was striking New Orleans exactly seven years to the day after Katrina and at the beginning of Southern Decadence, a holiday that is celebrated in New Orleans every year at this time made coincidence seem out of the question.

I also find it interesting that the name of the hurricane is Isaac, a prophet in both the Christian and Islamic world, all of this when taken into consideration makes one wonder if it is some kind of foreboding warning that we all need to heed.

Time will tell, and as I said I’m not placing blame on any one group of people, if it is a warning, then we all have had a part in it.



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