The Law of Least Resistance

Written by Gary Wonning

We have all been taught that we must struggle through life and work hard to achieve what we desire.

this is somewhat true, much can be said for following the path of least
resistance. We do have to work and put forth an effort to achieve what
we want in life, that focus is what notifies the universe we are serious
about what we desire and sets in motion the forces that will enable us
to achieve our highest potential.

with hard determined work we must make a commitment of follow a path of
no resistance, in other words, go with the flow. This takes some
practice and patience. As we are pursuing our dreams we will meet
obstacles along the way, many will be placed in our path. That is all
part of divine plan.

obstacles is what  convinces the universe we are serious about our
endeavors and also builds our confidence and self esteem , showing us we
can overcome anything if we so desire.

essence , overcoming the obstacles in finality teaches us to go with
the flow, sooner or later as the obstacles fall by the wayside, we learn
that to struggle is in vain. When we finally accept the obstacles for
what they are, they no longer deny us our treasure.

take on the responsibility for our actions and reactions, and render
ourselves defenseless to the laws of the universe or God. Let his will
be done, his will is your will. Then and only then will you experience
life flowing effortlessly and with ease, thus fulfilling all your

remain open to all options, not just your preconceived views, Then you
release your intentions without attachment , you just wait for the
appropriate season for your desires to bloom, when the season is right ,
your desires will bloom into reality.

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