Find You Train,Complete Your Mission

There are many events in the world today one can become concerned about and thus we think they should affect our life.

If a train doesn’t stop at your station, it’s not your train.We need to remember, especially in this day and age, with so many important issues coming before us, we as individuals can’t solve all the problems of the world.

We don’t have the ability or time to solve each and every problem the world faces. We need to remember what our original mission was and follow through on it. What talents do we possess and how can we best use them to make the world a better place?

Many of us remember lives in the past when we were able to accomplish great and noble deeds for humanity. Sometimes these memories can get in the way of our mission in life this time around. Because of this, many can feel a sense of guilt because they can’t or don’t want to do more. This is OK, you did your part last time, this time maybe you are resting and enjoying a life of leisure,or maybe what you do will be on a more personal level, where you can help one person at a time. This is important and sometimes more important than helping the masses.

Society  many times advances one step at a time, we each help one, then they help one, and soon many are helping many. Before we realize it, great changes have taken place in the lives of the masses.

You have then accomplished your life mission without doing seemingly great deeds. In today’s world , we face many issues. Most have come about because of the decline in moral principles and values. In the United States, many don’t know or realize what made this country great, many ignore or don’t even know what our constitution and Declaration of Independence stand for.

Many look to government to solve all their problems. They have forgotten that the government doesn’t give us rights, we give rights to the government. We get our rights from God. Until the good citizens of our country again realize this important fact, we will continue down the path of decline.

To turn our country around won’t be accomplished overnight, and it will have to be done on a personal and one on one basis. Many helping many. With this in mind, find your train and get on board.

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