Inner Earth People, Outer Space People

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Inner Earth People, Outer Space People
by William L. Blessing

Reviewed by Sean Casteel

Posted: 16:00 January 5, 2008


Inner Earth People, Outer Space People

Inner Earth People, Outer Space People

For those who like their paranormal reading liberally doused with
Biblical references, this is the book for you. William L. Blessing may
be a little known voice in the choir of the unexplained, but he has
here produced a symphony of his own hard work, material assembled over
a lifetime of diligent study of the scriptures and an honest rendering
of the metaphysical strangeness he has experienced and born witness to.

Blessing skillfully builds his argument that the Bible makes clear
reference to a world inside our Earth, the Inner Earth of the book’s
title. Those include verses about Christ descending into the Inner
Earth to preach the gospel to the World of the Dead, as well as
references in scripture to the fallen angels residing in their private
Hell below our feet.

He also argues that there are many different races, of varying
degrees of good and evil, occupying the UFOs that both emerge from
inside the planet and invade us from the skies. Blessing’s cosmology
may seem a little labored and complex, but when one considers the time
in which he was writing, the late 1950s shortly after the Russians had
launched Sputnik, he seems nearly prescient about some things.

For instance, the serpentine race of aliens that is now so commonly
reported in UFO abduction literature is predicted many years before its
heyday. Blessing testifies to the existence of a reptilian form of
intelligent life whose negative and destructive power struggle with
mankind and the angels began in the Garden of Eden and continues to
this day-reptilians in ships that do battle with angelic forces in
their own ships. In short, a Biblically-inspired kind of “Star Wars.”

The angels in Blessing’s cosmos are numerous and brave, and they
too operate inside the Inner Earth even as they await the time when
they will invade Earth from outer space and establish the government of
Jesus. This strange admixture of angel versus demon in armadas of
warring flying saucers is a fascinating blueprint for the future
Armageddon that even nonbelievers admit may be an inevitable outcome of
present-day world conflict.

This new reprint of Blessing’s many lectures and writings, issued
by Global Communications, is not for everybody, however. There is an
overwhelming preponderance of scriptural quotations and the weighty
Biblical arguments go on for over 300 pages, so if you don’t already
have a profound interest in the Bible, some sections of the book will
be slow going. If, on the other hand, you are a willing student of the
Bible, you will discover fresh interpretations of familiar verses that
may amaze you a little, as well as see new and more accessible meaning
in verses less familiar.

One has to be a little forgiving in some places and realize that
Blessing was writing in the time before the Civil Rights movement of
the 1960s. He is a little less than politically correct in a section in
which he preaches that the mixing of the seed of black and white people
is somehow sinful and forbidden by the scriptures. He lays the blame at
the feet of the reptilian devils, while we would call it cultural
diversity and see reason to celebrate it.

Blessing worked as a Christian minister throughout his life, but
he was very open to the parapsychology of his time and even had
repeated out-of-body experiences in the astral plane. He has stories of
synchronicity to tell that involved the churches he preached in, and he
had numerous psychic flashes of insight that he regrets he did not take
more seriously when they happened. In another instance, his wife was
teleported to his hotel room in another city one night, and she later
told him she had been trying to use the astral projection techniques he
had spoken to her about. Even though she had no conscious recollection
of the teleportation experience, Blessing adamantly insists it really

So we are here presented with an inspired mixed bag of Old Time
Religion, Ufology and Metaphysics that leads the reader down some
strange and interesting paths. If one approaches Blessing’s “Inner
Earth People, Outer Space People” with patience and forbearance, one
can gain entrance to a world where many new ways of seeing the struggle
between inner Earth and outer space-ultimately between angelic good and
demonic evil-are revealed and explored.

For more information or to purchase this book, click on the title: Innner Earth People And Outer Space People

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