It Starts with a Dream

I can’t improve on this, author unknown

universe has an immeasurable number of ideas running through it. When
you tune into the wonder of creation- if you have faith and allow the
higher source to work though you- you become a finely tuned channel for
ideas to flow consistently through you

you do not hear the ideas, that does not mean they are not there.It
means your spirit is tuned into some other frequency. Intuition and
instinct will tell you when to take action and what to do.

create opportunities for ourselves…Seize each moment and make
intelligent and honest use of it. Some attempts will pay off, and
eventually at least one will hit the jackpot !

you stay in the game , making adjustments now and then, and keep
swinging the bat , sooner or later you’ll hit the ball. Live your life
to the fullest, because the goodwill and energy you project attract
opportunity to you in proportion to your effort.

who has achieved  greatness or fulfillment in life started out with a
dream…An unlimited power to create lies within you.

are so many things we do, say, and think that stop us from being
powerful beings and being all that we can be. Often, we think and talk
ourselves into failing without even trying. This is another common form
of disempowering negative thinking. How many times have you gone for an
interview, saying to yourself, “I haven’t got a hope in hell of getting
this job!” – or believing you’ll fail a test before you’ve even taken

already know about the law of attraction; “Life follows thought.” Are
you creating a negative outcome as a result of your fears and past
conditioning? It’s down to how much you truly believe in yourself and
your self-worth. It’s important to see yourself as a winner.

Here are 7 steps to help you break free of the “I’m Going to Fail” Syndrome:

  1. Work on letting go of your past beliefs, fears, and hang-ups. Start having positive conversations with yourself.
  2. Start believing why you can, as opposed to why you can’t.
  3. Stay focused on your goals and aspirations.
  4. Write all your experiences in your journal. Get them out of your head!
  5. Think
    of yourself as a winner, rather than a loser. Once you believe in
    yourself, you’ll be surprised at how others start believing in you more.
    Remember this statement; “We train others how to treat us by the way we
    treat ourselves.”
  6. Believe
    in success. When you start believing that you can succeed, it’s
    surprising how your mind starts to figure out solutions for success. You
    won’t even contemplate failure.
  7. Visualize and feel yourself in a successful outcome and living a life that you know you’ll love.

All you can do really is give every opportunity your best shot!
will your life be like when you’ve achieved your most deeply-held
dreams? Let’s take a look at how you can start living your dreams this
very day.

Do you have a dream, a vision of the life you wish to live?
How specific is that dream?
How clear is that vision?
How do you intend to reach it?
What obstacles stand in your way?
Are your fears holding you back or are you using them to move you forward?
fears can actually lead you to success.  Fear is an intense emotion.
 But that doesn’t mean it has to control you, or even stop you.  Fear
can prepare you and push you forward just as strongly as it can hold you
back.  Fear heightens your awareness and increases your physical
strength.  Fear brings your mind to sharp focus.  With all that going
for you, does it make sense to just run and hide?  Of course not.  Fear
gets you in shape to take action!

you waiting for things to get better before moving ahead?  If you’re
serious about success, you need to start taking action today.  If you’re
waiting for things to be perfect, you’ll wait forever and nothing will
ever get done.

way to achieve is to bloom where you’re planted, to do what you can,
where you are, with what you have.  It’s easy to think up excuses for
not taking action.  “If only I had more hours in the day.  If only I had
a better job.  If only I could meet the right person.”  But excuses
won’t bring you anything of value.  You’ve got to change your “if only”
into an “I will.”  “I will make better use of my time.  I will work on
improving my career.  I will create and nurture my relationships.”

a chance.  Have faith in yourself.  Your circumstances will improve
when you make the effort to improve them.  Start where you are right
now.  You have everything it takes to reach for whatever you desire.
 Stop wishing.  Use your time, your energy, your thoughts and efforts to
make it happen!  You’ll be glad you did!

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